Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Meet the Generals: John Oliver Duer, Transient General

John Oliver Duer

The General with the least influence in Galena and the one that spent the least time in Galena is our last General before our two part general overview of Ulysses S. Grant. John Oliver Duer is also the youngest of the Generals to have come out of Galena.  Not much is noted on John Duer, but listed below are the key points of the story of his brief life.

John Oliver Duer was born on February 12, 1838 in Baltimore, Maryland.  Duer did not move to Galena until 1860 right before the outbreak of the Civil War.  Duer was commissioned 2nd Lieutenant of Company D of the 45th Illinois Infantry in September of 1861.  He was promoted 1st Lieutenant in  March of 1862, Captain in April of 1862, Major in June of 1863, Lt. Colonel in January of 1865,  Colonel in May of 1865, and finally was brevetted Brigadier General on July 12, 1865. 

Following the war Duer moved to Monticello, Iowa where he was the head of the dry goods firm Duer & Estey.  Duer was elected mayor of Monticello, and eventually died there on December 11, 1880.

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